Why We Shouldn’t Answer Poll Questions About Politicians

By answering political popularity polls we enable politicians to dissect and categorize us.  We become part of the black vote, young vote, social conservative vote, women vote, and so on.  Message adjustments and decisions on whether to address or neglect particular groups are made based on what can be gathered about the political landscape.  That is why we should not respond to political popularity polls.  Now, if we are asked about our opinions on specific topics, we should answer those honestly.  That information helps to steer conversation on specific policy issues.  It also allows government and individual citizens to see how others feel about those same issues.  However, we should not reveal any personal information, including political affiliations, that will help pollsters categorize us.  A politician with real integrity and staunch values will divulge their true opinions and take strong stances regardless of how it will sway the public.  By providing politicians with poll information that allows them to game plan, we make it easier for the power-hungry and unscrupulous to put on a winning veneer of integrity.  If they are to deceive us, let us make it as difficult for them as possible.

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